Two more saved from the grip of witchcraft

By April 9, 2014
A Zambian witch doctor.  (Photo cred: Guy William Volk)

A Zambian witch doctor.
(Photo credit: Guy William Volk)

Zambia (MNN) — Witchcraft is still very much alive in this world. Two children in Zambia were recently rescued from the grip of witchcraft just in time.

Kids Alive International staff members in Zambia rescued Ngonde and Mutungo from their grandfather, who was heavily involved with practices of witchcraft. The children were living in squalor after being abandoned by their father. They were selling charcoal on the streets to support themselves.

Witchcraft is something often glorified in media in Western countries. People watch horror movies about witches and magic, believing that it is only entertainment and unrealistic. But it is very real and part of the indigenous religion in Zambia.

Just ten years ago, BBC estimated that there were 40,000 witchdoctors active in the country. These practices of magic are often meant for healing or protection from evil spirits. Yet people don’t realize that witchdoctors actually utilize evil spirits, and the effects are harmful.

For Ngonde and Mutango, witchcraft meant living in constant fear and torment. It meant leaving the only family they had. It meant pain when hearing the truth of the Gospel and of the one true Spirit that can heal and comfort.

Top picture: Ngonde & Mutango's home before KidsAlive Bottom picture: Ngonde & Mutango are now happy and hopeful.  (Image courtesy Kids Alive)

Top picture: Ngonde & Mutango’s home before KidsAlive
Bottom picture: Ngonde & Mutango are now happy and hopeful.
(Image courtesy Kids Alive)

The children were brought to the Children’s Village of Kids Alive. For the first few weeks, the staff prayed heavily for the children. Ngonde was badly scarred by her grandfather’s practices and would cry out during worship time.

But God has healed them, and the outbursts have stopped. The children are enjoying school and loving church. Instead of crying out, the children’s faces shine with joy as they sing to their Savior.

Please praise God for guiding Kids Alive to these children. Continue to pray that God would eradicate witchcraft and other religions from Zambia and Africa. If you would like to support the Children’s Villages, click here.

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