Two-thirds world Christians are having an incredible impact on evangelism.

By September 17, 2003

USA (MNN) — Churches in the United States are being challenged to help two-thirds world Christians in evangelism. It’s a step away from helping only in the 10/40 Window, an area of the world that indentifies where most of the unreached people groups are located.

What surprising many churches is the fact that Christians in Latina America, Asia and Africa are having better success at evangelism in the 10/40 Window.

This new trend in missions is surprising many missions minded churches in the United States. It’s called the globalization of missions. SIM International’s Steve Straus. “We have incredible movements of Latin Americans to the Muslim world, an other parts of the world. Ethiopians going to different parts of South Asia. Chinese Christians getting a vision for moving on westward into Central Asia and back to Jerusalem. This is one of the most exciting movements in the church today.”

Straus is hoping this ends churches in the United States from only sending missionaries to the 10/40 Window. “If that same church were to send a missionary trainer say to Bolivia, or Brazil or Nigeria or Ethiopia that person might help mobilize teams of missionaries that could then penetrate into the 10/40 Window.”

Straus doesn’t want to see the church of North America simply fund missions and not get involved physically. He says partnerships with national workers could help evangelism be more effective in all areas of the world.

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