Two villages with attack victims overlooked

By March 30, 2010

Nigeria (MNN) — Christian-focused attacks in Jos, Nigeria left between 300 and 500 people dead a few weeks ago. Aid has since arrived from various organizations, but some victims in the area have been neglected.

The villages of Gimti and Gwomjang sit a little ways off from other main villages in the Jos area. During the recent attacks, 200 believers in these two towns watched every one of their houses and churches burn to the ground. 16 families were displaced.

Yet while other regions with suffering believers received aid and support in the wake of the terror, these two villages managed to slip beneath the radar of any sort of relief. As children in Gimti and Gwomjang began to starve and families made homes in old school buildings, feelings of abandonment also began to stir.

Open Doors USA responded to the needs of many believers as soon as the attacks had ended, providing encouragement, prayer and relief. When the ministry realized that two villages had yet to be reached, they immediately began to provide for them as well.

Open Doors was the first ministry to enter Gimti and Gwomjang. Upon arrival in these villages, Open Doors workers were welcomed and told that they were the only ones who had come to give them aid, to listen to their stories, and to pray with them. After assessing the need, Open Doors staff provided food, bedding, Bibles and open ears to the forgotten people of these villages.

Please pray that the believers who have suffered this recent Muslim attack would heal quickly. Pray that their response to the situation would only bring glory to God and would inspire them to speak even more boldly about their faith.

The needs in the Jos area still remain great. If you would like to help Open Doors in their ministry to this region, click here.

To learn more about the recent violence in Jos, click here.

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