Typhoon devastates South Korea, Christian radio uninterrupted.

By September 18, 2003

South Korea (MNN)– Typhoon Maemi swept across the south of the country on September 12th, causing landslides and extensive damage. Major industrial plants and nuclear power stations closed temporarily, but South Korea’s electricity supplies have now been largely restored.

The government estimated the property damage at $1.3 billion, with 5,000 houses destroyed or damaged and 20 major companies shut down on the southeastern coast.

Far East Broadcasting Company’s Gregg Harris tells us how their stations fared. “We maintain ten local stations throughout the country. Five of them were affected, in that they lost power. But, we were glad to report that we actually were able to stay on the air by using generated power overnight, so we didn’t lose any airtime.”

Harris says ministry is expected to continue as the population picks up the pieces. “Each station will be able to respond, individually, from a programming standpoint, to the needs of the listeners. They’ll be able to work with the local churches in rallying support, in making announcements that are going to be pertinent to people who need help. So, there’s a great deal that we can do with these wonderful tools that God has put in our hands.”

Today, together with its companion organization FEBA Radio of the United Kingdom, we broadcast in over 150 languages to Asia, the Middle East and Africa, from many locations in those regions.

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