Typhoon Rammasun impact

By July 18, 2014

Philippines (MNN) — What is more frustrating than standing ready to help after a disaster but not having enough time, supplies, or resources to help this starving family, this sick child, this grieving mother?

It is knowing there are people who can help that either don’t know the need or they don’t care.

Photo by Food for the Hungry

(Photo by Food for the Hungry)

In the news again…

Food for the Hungry says this is only the beginning of the typhoon season for the Philippines. Less than a year after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines and killed over 5,000, the island civilians are knocked down again by Typhoon Rammasun.

Fortunately, the death toll was much lower this time due to disaster training and preparation, reports ReliefWeb.

FH workers report that 430,000 people were displaced Tuesday. Many will never see their homes again because the storm destroyed them. More than half a million people have been affected.

ReliefWeb says the government estimates 7,000 homes are destroyed and 20,000 more damaged.

Meanwhile, some evacuees are stranded where food and safe drinking water are running out.

Teams from FH and other organizations are already mobilized. However their struggle to support rebuilding efforts from last year’s disasters are still ongoing. Frankly, money is tight and inadequate to address the basic needs of these people.

What can you do?

The Director of Emergency Response for FH, Peter Howard, is urging you to give what you can from your heart to address the shock thousands of families are facing. Along with any gift you give, he asks that you follow up with prayer for these families and workers.

It’s always good to be reminded that statistics represent so much more than numbers. The value of human life doesn’t change depending on location. It’s more than structures being swept away: it’s the constant dangers of unclean water and starvation.

Photo by FH

(Photo by FH)

If you feel a burden for these people, you can give here.

It’s about more than money.

The vehicle God has provided to help these people is His servants. This includes people on the ground and people providing the resources. Either way, their help–your help–is an important part of what shows these people in an upside-down world that God is stronger than the storm.

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