U.N. quake aid for Syria called into question

By March 14, 2023

Syria (MNN) — A commission of inquiry appointed by the United Nations blames the Syrian government and the U.N. for delaying aid to earthquake victims last month.

The first 72 hours are critical for survival following a major disaster. It took a whole week for the first U.N. truck to reach northern Syria.

The delay didn’t stop local Christians from helping people in need. Believers reached out with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Jesus said,they will see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father,’” pastor and evangelist Fayez Youssef says. Youssef partners with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada to support and encourage Syrian believers.

“It’s the natural role of a church to be light in the darkness, show God’s love and mercy towards the people, and share the Good News. The [Body of Christ] in Syria is doing a great job.”

Tomorrow marks the 12th anniversary of Syria’s civil war. Hundreds of thousands have died, and six million have fled to neighboring countries and overseas nations, including Canada.

House destroyed in 2012 by a Syrian army tank shell in Al Qsair.
(Photo, caption credit Freedom House via Flickr)

“People in Syria [are] greatly suffering from this long, exhausting civil war. Many young people, especially the men, had to leave because they [faced conscription], so many escaped,” Youssef says.

“You have a [generation gap] in the Christians because they (Christian men) left, or they were in the army, or they died. This has affected the future [of the Syrian Church] very much.”

Last month’s devastating earthquakes added insult to injury. You can help Syrian Christians through VOM Canada. Most importantly, pray. Pray believers will have continued perseverance and stamina.

“In the Middle East, [in] some places church has disappeared completely, like the Arab peninsula and all the Gulf states. But in Syria, Christianity stayed,” Youssef says.

“They are suffering [the same as] all the Syrian peoples, but they are serving [at] the same time.”



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