U. N. report spotlights human rights violations in Iran

By March 27, 2024

Iran (MNN) — This month a U. N. fact-finding mission shared a report on human rights violations in Iran linked to the protests that began after the death of Mahsa Amini in 2022.

The report is a grim list that includes “extra-judicial and unlawful killings and murder, unnecessary and disproportionate use of force, arbitrary deprivation of liberty, torture, rape, enforced disappearances, and gender persecution.” 

It marks the first time that the term “crimes against humanity” has appeared in an official report on the government of Iran. 

But Nazanin with Heart4Iran says even this report won’t change anything in the nation. “They (Iran’s government) already know they are violating the human rights. But the Iranian government is not hiding anything, and they don’t care what the media says. They don’t consider the West as a threat to them.”

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

She affirms that Christians are targeted by the government, especially Muslim background believers. 

People regularly phone Heart4Iran’s 24/7 call center and choke out their sometimes horrific experiences. Some post on social media despite the possible consequences of sharing their stories.

In an effort to protect callers, Heart4Iran discourages them from sharing all the details of their experiences. If the call is being monitored by the government, it’s possible the people will be punished again in some way. They point people to trust God even in intense suffering, and pray with them. 

Nazanin asks the Church to take action for Persian people living under a government that uses fear and control. 

“One thing: be a voice for them. Second, pray. Pray for their protection,” she says. 

“Go to your city, go to your leaders, your people. Tell them what’s going on. Go to social media — put up pictures, just retell the stories that you hear.” 

Finally, Nazanin wants you to know that Iranians are not like what their government portrays. 

“They have so much potential. They’re so good, so kind, so hospitable. They need our help, (those) that are outside that can do something. They can’t. They’re stuck. Every time there is a protest, every time there’s an uprising, they’re shut down,” she says. 

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Header photo courtesy of Closeup Foundation via Heart4Iran. 

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