U. N. resolution calling for Gaza cease-fire fails to pass council, and famine is imminent

By March 25, 2024
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Palestine (MNN) — Nearly a third of Gaza’s residents face extreme lack of food and acute malnutrition, according to a report last Monday from the international community’s authority on determining food insecurity levels. Famine could strike anytime in northern Gaza between now and May. 

This led to a vote on Friday by the United Nations Security Council on a resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza. But like several previous resolutions, this one failed to pass in the fifteen-member council.

Food isn’t the only thing scarce in Gaza. Darrel Templeton with MegaVoice says their audio Bibles ministry has had to stop, despite their many years of partnerships in the region.

(Photo of audio Bible unit courtesy of MegaVoice)

“Right now, even though the requests are coming in, we just have not been able to provide the audio Bibles that are requested — because of the war, because of the blockades, because nothing is getting in or out,” he says. 

“As soon as those doors open, we pray that we will have enough to be able to provide for the Palestinian believers and the Palestinian seekers.”

As the situation in Gaza becomes even more grim, you can do something that will touch all those suffering. 

“The Scripture teaches us to pray for the peace of Israel, and so that is first and foremost what we need to do is pray for the peace of the land,” Templeton says, referring to Psalm 122:6.

“Real and full peace only comes with the Prince of Peace. So that is the ultimate answer for the Palestinian people, as well as the Jewish people as well as anyone around the world.”

See last week’s two-part story on the war from the perspective of Christians in Palestine and Christians in Israel. 




Header photo: U.S. Air Force C-130J Super Hercules conducts an airdrop of humanitarian assistance over Gaza, Mar. 2, 2024. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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