U.S. influence wanes in the Middle East

By April 4, 2023

Middle East (MNN) — Six United States troops were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries due to a recent attack in Syria. Fighters backed by Iran killed one U.S. contractor when they targeted a coalition military base on March 23.

“The Islamic Republic doesn’t like the United States’ presence in the Middle East. They will do everything in their power to force them to leave,” Heart4Iran’s Mayra* says.

“These attacks and conflicts are an example of their intention.”

Iran remains one of the world’s most dangerous places to follow Christ. More about that here. Religious minorities in Iran stand to lose a powerful ally and advocate as the United States loses its voice in the region.

Religious freedom, at least in theory, influences U.S. foreign policy. When the U.S. loses influence in a place like the Middle East, “the evils [have] more influence; the evils [become] more powerful,” Mayra says.

“Look at China’s presence in the Middle East. Look at the role they (China) played in Iran and Saudi’s new ties and relations. That doesn’t serve religious freedom or any freedom.”

Ask the Lord to protect and sustain persecuted Christians in Iran.

“The more weakness the regime sees from [the] Biden administration is a signal and gives them more confidence and power to oppress their people,” Mayra says.

“Look at the past six months. Since the new wave of the revolution sparked in September, [the] Biden administration has not taken a firmer stand against the regime. It’s been only empty words.”

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*Name withheld for security purposes



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