U-S lawmakers call massacre in Sudan genocide

By July 29, 2004

Sudan (MNN) — “It’s about time!” That seems to be the common remark by humanitarian groups that are working in Sudan. The United States Congress and Senate passed a resolution calling on the U-S government to declare the recent massacre in Darfur, Sudan ‘genocide’.

Voice of the Martyrs Todd Nettleton says, “It is encouraging for groups like Voice of the Martyrs that are working in Sudan to see the Congress take this step of actually using the word ‘genocide’ when talking about an Islamic government that is bent on Islamization of the country.”

The violence, says Nettleton, is coming during a time of peace. “The two sides have agreed to the frame-work of a peace agreement, yet the northern government goes on killing people in south Sudan and in the Darfur region.”

This isn’t something new. This civil war has been going on for more than 20 years. Nettleton says Christians have been the targets. “Churches have been targeted. Ministries and hospitals have been targeted.”

While Nettleton is pleased with the resolution, this isn’t all good news. He says, “The State Department hasn’t used the word genocide. Since the State Department is primarily the voice of American foreign policy, we’re still waiting to see what the results are going to be that will come out of this resolution.

Despite the violence, the Sudanese are open to the Gospel. Nettleton says even Muslims are open. “Muslims in Sudan feel some of the same helplessness and hopelessness. And so, when we come in as Christians and present an opportunity for hope, not only on this earth, but also for eternity, I think that’s a message that finds fertile ground.”

Voice of the Martyrs is helping to open dialogue with the Sudanese by providing humanitarian assistance. Nettleton is asking people to send a blanket and $2 to help send a blanket to these needy people. “In the mind of the person who received that blanket there a question, ‘why do they care about me? I’m 10,000 miles from there. How did they know about me? Why do they care?’ Well, they care because they love Jesus and they want to reach out in His name and be a blessing.”

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