Ugandan farmers see increased harvest with Farming God’s Way

By June 6, 2023

Uganda (MNN) — Planting season just finished in Uganda and now it’s growing season! Unfortunately, many areas of Uganda often go through food shortages depending on drought conditions and other environmental or socioeconomic factors.

Every Child Ministries (ECM) uses a program called Farming God’s Way to teach effective farming techniques to people in northeast Uganda — and most importantly, connect them to our Creator.

(Photo courtesy of Every Child Ministries)

Mark Luckey, ECM’s Executive Director says, “It really helps people understand why. Why did God create it that way? How did he make it that way? How does it benefit us to remember that and learn from that? And what does it mean for the future as we farm about how we give back to the Provider?”

One Ugandan couple, Moses and Mary, joined the Farming God’s Way program with ECM two years ago.

Luckey says, “Toward the end of that first year, they had a pretty good harvest – five bags of corn, a few bags of sorghum, some peanuts, and one bag of beans.

“Just a year later, after continuing to put into practice Farming God’s Way, they harvested 25 bags of corn (which is a five times increase), 21 bags of beans,…they had a three times increase in sorghum, and a six times increase in peanuts.”

Moses and Mary used the profit from selling some of their produce to open a small grocery stand and generate more income. They were also able to store food for their family and pay for their children’s schooling.

In breaking out of the hand-to-mouth cycle of poverty, Ugandan believers are able to take their consistent income to save for their family’s future, give back to their community, and support their local Church.

“They learned to bring a tithe back to God,” says Luckey. “In a community like this, they literally would take 10% of their harvest…and give it to the church.”

Pray for a bountiful harvest in Uganda – both on farms and in people’s hearts through Christ!

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Header photo courtesy of Every Child Ministries.