Ukraine dam destroyed: Churches responding with aid

By June 7, 2023

Ukraine (MNN) — Russian and Ukrainian military forces are pointing fingers at each other over the destruction of a major dam and power plant in southern Ukraine yesterday.

Eric Mock with Slavic Gospel Association says, “This dam is a critical resource. It provides water, as I understand it, for the cooling basin for the nuclear power plant there. But in the path of the water is a broad number of villages.

“Pictures are just now coming in of literally an entire house floating down the river, dogs swimming, [and] cattle actually trying to stand on pieces of wood to stay above the water. Really from a human standpoint, the toll on these people is unimaginable.”

The floodwaters from the broken dam put thousands of Ukrainians at risk and complicate evacuation efforts.

SGA, Ukraine

(Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)

However, Mock says, “In the middle of this, the churches stand firm, so the Gospel will be going to these people. People working with SGA should know that we’re immediately on the edge right now ready to help with generators, with food, with whatever is needed to help the people there.”

It’s just one more disaster since Russia invaded Ukraine last year and turned the country upside down.

As Mock puts it, “For the people of Ukraine,…they’re exhausted. It’s a constant onslaught that has produced anger, anxiety, and frustration.

“Some of them in the middle of the night just stand outside looking for missiles because they don’t want to be buried under the rubble. So now you add to it in the south the destruction of a major dam.”

SGA supports Ukrainian churches to be the hands and feet of Jesus to their neighbors — the only hope that sustains in crisis.

None of this critical Gospel ministry happens without your support. Come alongside Ukrainian believers at this time by giving to SGA!

Mock especially asks, “Pray that the Gospel goes forward. Pray that the peace of God that passes all understanding is aligning in the hearts of many.”








Header photo of Ukrainian flag. (Photo courtesy of Max Kukurudziak/Unsplash)

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