Ukraine and EU spells trouble

By June 30, 2014
Ukraine I Care packs.

Ukraine (MNN) — If you knew $50 could help a family for a week physically and spiritually, would you contribute?

We’re talking about the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Fighting between Ukrainian troops and what some are calling pro-Russian separatists have left thousands homeless. According to reports, there are thousands of internally displaced people in Ukraine and more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees living in Russia. That could get worse.

On Friday, Ukraine signed a landmark trade deal to bind itself to the European Union. This is what caused the revolution in the first place.

Quoting Russian leaders, President of Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba says, “This will bring grave consequences on Ukraine.”

The country is bracing for more violence, which will cause even more people to be displaced. Rakhuba says it’s bad. “Nobody can give us the exact number of how many refugees are there and how many displaced families. But we know this isn’t thousands: this is dozens of thousands.”

Ukraine I Care packs.

Roza is an elderly woman of very humble means who has received help from her Kiev church several times. However when she heard about the needs of refugees from Eastern Ukraine and the opportunity to help through the “I Care” program, she put together a food package that was so heavy that she needed help carrying it from the bus stop to the church. (Photo provided by Russian Ministries)

Churches partnering with Russian Ministries are doing something about the crisis. Rakhuba says, “We started a program called, I Care. And we want churches to give a food box, have food for an entire week, Scripture, and counseling and counseling materials.”

It’s all in an effort to share Christ with those who are suffering, on both sides of the conflict. Rakhuba says if successful, it will have long-lasting impact. “Peace will be restored, people can continue rebuilding their lives, continue building a free society where the Gospel will be one of the cornerstones for building their values on Christian values.”

This conflict has created deep hatred for both sides of the conflict, says Rakhuba. “I see it as a huge demonic deception. It’s warfare. People get disillusioned through all this. That’s why we work through the church, so we can help them physically and spiritually.”

Compassionate care is working to tear down barriers. “They see the practical service of evangelical believers. They open their pockets. They open their churches.” Because of that, many are asking questions about Christ.

$100 can provide food for two families for one week, which provides Scripture and counseling at the same time. Click here to donate to Russian Ministries and make an eternal difference.

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