Ukraine update: ministry continues despite rising violence

By August 20, 2014
Please keep Ukraine in your prayers today! (Image courtesy Sergey Rakhuba via Facebook)

Please keep Ukraine
in your prayers today!
(Image courtesy Sergey Rakhuba
via Facebook)

Ukraine (MNN) — It’s been a week full of developments in Ukraine, and it’s only halfway through! In this Ukraine update, Wally Kulakoff of Russian Ministries shares how ministry continues despite an uptick in violence.

Monday, August 18
News of a weekend attack on a civilian convoy south of Luhansk kick-started the week on Monday. A caravan of cars, reportedly marked as “civilian” with white flags, was leaving the rebel-held city when it was hit by artillery.

Ukraine’s army and pro-Russian rebels each blame the other for attacking the convoy.

“The attack on civilians has brought the civil war to a new level,” notes Kulakoff. “It’s a troubling sign when civilians become targets of civil disruption.”

As victims’ bodies were recovered the following day, government troops notched up efforts to retake rebel-held cities.

Tuesday, August 19
Donetsk and Luhansk are the remaining rebel strongholds in eastern Ukraine. Yesterday, Reuters reported a concerted effort by Ukrainian forces to gain a foothold in Donetsk. The army was also reportedly fighting “street battles” in Luhansk.

Humanitarian needs are growing especially desperate in Luhansk. According to Reuters, the city has been without running water for 17 days. Along with a water shortage, Kulakoff says Luhansk is running low on electricity, food and medical supplies.

“There’s [also] a shortage of help for those people who are paralyzed and who are bed-ridden,” Kulakoff adds.

What Christians are doing to help
These upticks of violence aren’t stopping Russian Ministries. Their School Without Walls (SWW) students are continuing to bring food, hygiene supplies, Scripture, and more to displaced families. In addition, evangelical churches throughout Ukraine are opening up their buildings to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), providing shelter and resources in the name of Christ.

Russian Ministries Ukraine Update

(Image courtesy Russian Ministries)

“Our office in Kiev alone is full of pastors and lay leaders who’ve [fled fighting and] come there, and have no [other] place to stay,” shares Kulakoff.

$50 USD helps one family receive an “I Care” package, which contains food for a week and Scriptures that explain God’s Good News: salvation for eternity through Christ. You can send one through Russian Ministries by clicking here.

Will you also stand with Russian Ministries in prayer for Ukraine?

“We’re praying that God will turn this around and allow us to be involved in a ministry that will impact people for eternity,” states Kulakoff.

“Please share this need with others. Pray for Ukraine, pray for Russia. I believe this is a moment when God wants to awaken the two countries spiritually.”

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