Ukraine withdrawal shocks nation

By February 19, 2015

Ukraine (MNN) — Despite the Minsk ceasefire, Ukraine lost an important city in the fight to keep their nation intact.

According to reports, President Petro Poroshenko ordered the Ukraine withdrawal from Debaltseve, a key rail hub in Eastern Ukraine after days of fierce fighting. Troops are believed to have fought their way out of a surrounded city to avoid surrendering or being taken prisoner.

Image courtesy of Mission Eurasia

(Image courtesy of Mission Eurasia)

President of Mission Eurasia (formerly Russian Ministries) Sergey Rakhuba says the country’s demeanor isn’t good. “There’s lots of discouragement, and [many are] disillusioned in the community and society there. People believed that the ceasefire would be the turning point for peace to be restored.”

Rakhuba says some churches they support are now behind enemy lines. “Teams are trying to reach those areas. People are trapped in half-destroyed villages. They’re driving their vans loaded with humanitarian assistance.”

RMI Photo - War damage in Eastern UkraineWhile many Christians escaped, Rakhuba says at least one pastor stayed. “He says our congregation grew by two or three times now. We don’t have enough room in our small church. They’re looking for hope. The church is reaching out to people on both sides with the Gospel.”

Mission Eurasia continues to provide I-Care Packs, which contain food, hygiene items, and Scripture. The ministry is also providing encouragement to pastors on the frontlines of assistance. “We bring pastors together for special training seminars, providing training on leadership in the midst of war and turmoil. We help them to train volunteer counselors.”

Rakhuba says the only answer to this conflict is the Gospel. “The Gospel transforms people’s hearts, especially when the Gospel is supported by practical deeds of believers.”

Your financial support will help Mission Eurasia do this work.

In the meantime, pray for unity for a once-unified Russian/Ukrainian evangelical church.



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