Ukraine’s government holds, protests continue

By December 4, 2013
Photo by Marina Parfinskaya

(Photo by Marina Parfinskaya)

Ukraine (MNN) — Ukraine’s government held onto power in parliament yesterday, but thousands continue to protest. Many believe the unrest erupted when police violently clashed with peaceful protestors over President Viktor Yanukovich’s decision not to sign a trade deal with the European Union, under pressure from Russia.

President of Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba is from Ukraine. “The country is getting paralyzed because of all these protests, and definitely the economy will be shaken. The banking system will not function properly.”

What does that mean for Ukrainians? Rakhuba says, “It creates a lot more need. It means that people become more poor. They lose their income. That’s why I really encourage people to consider supporting Russian Ministries.”

Russian Ministries is planning to distribute 80,000 Christmas Gifts to poor and needy children throughout the former Soviet Union through Project Hope. In Ukraine, Rakhuba says, your support is essential–“especially now, when the country is in turmoil. We need more help. We need more resources. We need more partnerships that will continue bringing the Gospel to the next generation.”

Project Hope is an effort by national churches to distribute Christmas gift baskets filled with toys, candy, personal care items, and most importantly, God’s Word to children in orphanages and poor communities. It costs $25 to give a Gift of Hope. The money is sent to local churches in Ukraine to purchase the boxes and supplies to implement the program.

As the protests rage on, Rakhuba says there are fears that the issue will divided the evangelical church as well as the country. “[The] older generation is debating with the younger generation. The younger generation really wants to be a part of the European civilized life.” The older generation wants it to be like old times.

As Russia curbed religious freedom in that nation, many mission organizations moved their headquarters to Ukraine. Rakhuba is concerned about a Ukraine that’s aligned so closely with Russia. “Russia will take more control over Ukraine. It means more restrictions will be applied to the evangelical church in Ukraine.”

Rakhuba is asking you to pray for Ukraine “that God would give [church leaders] wisdom to understand how to guide their congregations, but also give wisdom and patience to young people that they would not go over the border when they are expressing their desire [for freedom] so there will be no bloodshed in all these protests.”

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