Ukrainian troops intensify fight in east

By May 6, 2014
Urkrainian soldier reads Scripture.
Ukrainian troops read Scripture.

Ukrainian soldier reads Gospel of Luke provided by Russian Ministries.

Ukraine (MNN) — More unrest is being reported in Ukraine. Ukrainian troops are intensifying efforts to regain control of eastern Ukraine. Government troops are battling pro-Russia militia members occupying Slovyansk. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said four people were killed and nearly 30 injured in the city.

At least two Ukrainian helicopters were shot down. President of Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba says Russia claims these people are Russian Ukrainian citizens who support Russia, “But, all of a sudden they are in possession of heavy arms equipment, so there’s lots of concern this is not a separatist movement. This is the informal war against a neighboring country on behalf of Russia.”

The Interfax news agency cited Interior Minister Arsen Avakov as saying that pro-Russia forces were deploying large-caliber weapons and mortars.

In the city of Odessa, nowhere near the eastern part of Ukraine, pro-Russian demonstrators stormed police headquarters on Sunday and won the release of 67 people detained after deadly riots there. However, Ukrainian forces counter attacked.

38 people died in the battle. Rakhuba says, this too, appears to be Russian initiated. “15 people were foreign citizens. 10 of them were Russian citizens.”

Ukrainian soldiers need Scripture.

“More than 1 million copies [of Scripture] wouldn’t be enough,” says Sergey Rakhuba.

Rakhuba says ministry has been affected. “A shortage of food [in some places], finances — banks are paralyzed — so it’s becoming more of a cash community now. And, that definitely creates some difficulties for ministries.”

Is ministry affected?

Russian Ministries work, specifically, is being hampered because of safety concerns. “People cannot travel as they used to [as they’re] afraid for their lives. In eastern Ukraine, our young leaders are delivering thousands of pieces of Scripture to Ukrainian troops that are waiting for a potential Russian invasion.” Pro-Russian separatists are armed and dangerous.

All 17 Russian Ministries training centers are reaching out to the refugee community, which is growing to over 20,000 in Western Ukraine.

You can help support Russian Ministries Scripture distribution ministry. Rakhuba says, “For $10 you can provide 40 copies of the Gospel of Luke and help national believers place it in the hands of those who are open to the Gospel. We are in the process of printing 400,000 copies. But, I believe even 1 million copies wouldn’t be enough today.”

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  • Caleb Suko says:

    Thanks for posting this. Things are really heating up in Ukraine. The tragedy in Odessa has caused things to rift to widen even more between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian groups.

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