UN concerned over Nepal’s political instability

By November 5, 2012

Nepal (MNN) — A United Nations coordinator has called for political stability in Nepal. It's been almost a year since Maoists left and talks began about how to restructure the country.

"The country's going through a huge amount of crisis," says Gospel for Asia founder and president KP Yohannan. "One of the major things we must pray for is: formulating the new constitution."

An interim constitution penned in 2007 still governs the country. That same year, Nepal's Constituent Assembly was allotted the task of drafting a new constitution by May 2010. It's a deadline they've pushed back time and time again.

Part of the constitutional rewrite includes a re-drafted penal code that looks an anti-conversion law. It could be part of an effort to block the Good News.

"The extreme radical Hindu fundamentalists are actually having huge influence into the country of Nepal, trying to cause problems and put any roadblock and hindrance for the Gospel and preaching the Gospel," Yohannan stated.

Despite resistance, GFA has seen the establishment of 500 congregations in Nepal. By consistently showing the love of Christ through their Bridge of Hope centers, GFA has earned favor in the eyes of once-resistant Nepalese.

"The very people who opposed us began to become our people to protect us," said Yohannan. "My hope is that we'll start two dozen Bridge of Hope centers.

"Children who would never have the possibility to get an education will find hope."

Yohannan says the door is open for the Gospel. Pray that GFA can keep helping the poor and sharing the Good News.

Learn more about GFA's Bridge of Hope centers and child sponsorship by clicking here.

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