UN envoy warns Lebanon failing its people

By November 19, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — Britain delivers a fresh blow to Lebanon, advising against all but essential travel to the crisis-worn nation. Last week, a United Nations envoy described Lebanon as “a rapidly-failing state.” He added that the Lebanese government is failing its people after seeing extreme poverty during a 12-day visit.

The government has long promised a ration-card program to help the country’s poorest. Instead, authorities have begun removing subsidies on essentials like flour and medicine.

Pierre Houssney with Horizons International says, “Basically, the government has become a kleptocracy, where their job is just to steal as much as possible. So even when a UN envoy comes, or when an OMF negotiation happens, the politicians are only seeing this as an extra opportunity to squeeze some cash out of the system.”

Churches in Lebanon

Lebanese Christians feel the pinch as much as everyone else. Houssney says, “[We see] A lot of joblessness among believers. But it’s amazing to see their faithfulness to God. They are keeping their eyes on Christ. We are having a prayer event coming up on the Independence Day of Lebanon. And many, many churches have already expressed such excitement to come together.”

Lebanon will observe its Independence Day on Monday, November 22. Set aside some time to pray along with many Lebanese churches.

As Horizons visits homes and refugee camps, most have someone open to the love of Jesus. Houssney says, “People that are just receiving the message with joy, and entering discipleship. There is just such a growing number of people that are professing faith in Christ, it’s uncanny.” Pray the churches would grow as Lebanon’s government fails its people.

Houssney encourages listeners to find ways to support churches in Lebanon. “Lebanon is in the core of the Middle East, of the Arab-speaking world, which is the heart of the Islamic world. It’s an unprecedented opportunity. I really think that people should pray about how they can follow the movement of the Holy Spirit through Lebanon.”



Header photo courtesy of Horizons International on Facebook.

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