UN Peace-keepers kill rebels, but ministry continues

By March 3, 2005

DR Congo (MNN) — United Nations peace keepers killed and disarmed local militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is in response to an ambush that killed nine Pakistani soldiers last week.

Grace Ministries International says they haven’t been affected by the violence in the north. In fact, Grace Ministries’ Sam Vinton says the peace process has been working very well in the south. “People now feel free to travel from area to area and I would say pretty much in that south areas where most of our churches are located, peace can actually be said to have been restored in such a way that we have free movement.”

So much freedom that evangelistic work is continuing again. “We have just sent out about 60 bicycles for the evangelists to travel again and to move out into the areas, so this has been a very positive thing for us. Plus, the lack of looting and restoration of the safety for the population (is also good news).”

Vinton says this is a perfect time to renew their outreach. “When you placed your faith in governments, in yourself or education and they see a complete disorganization (or) disruption in their lives, when the Gospel is given to them in a Biblical way, people respond.”

The years of violence has taken its toll on Grace Ministries’ work. “The needs, of course, are rebuilding because of all the troubles. Like our Bible College, the two buildings, the classrooms and the library, were severely damaged. We’ve completely restored one. The other one we have not started doing anything with it.”

Up to $15,000 is needed for that. Another $2,300 is needed to help purchase an outboard motor for transporting students and teachers across the river to their classes. This money is desperately needed as 37 churches were planted during the last three or four years of unrest. These new believers need training.

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