Unborn lives find community champions

By January 7, 2016

India (MNN) — A couple of weeks ago, we told you about Vinita Shaw who created the Disha Foundation to help save unborn lives in India.

Dr. Jameela George (Photo courtesy LIFE International)

Dr. Jameela George
(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

Today, we’re introducing you to Dr. Jameela George, “a medical doctor who works with the Emmanuel Hospital Association. Dr. Jameela has partnered also with Vinita and been able to provide that sanctity of life training.”

LIFE International VP Melinda Delahoyde says they’re helping both Shaw and Dr. George spread Christ’s message of hope and healing throughout India.

“LIFE International works around the globe to partner with Christian movement leaders, with pastors…courageous men and women who are telling the Gospel, and who are also getting the sanctity of life out,” Delahoyde says.

Community Champion: Dr. Jameela George

Widely known for her work in bioethics, Dr. Jameela George is a passionate advocate for unborn lives.

This summer, she participated in a month-long seminar series organized and hosted by the Disha Foundation in one of India’s megacities. Dr. George helped women in the church understand how harmful pregnancy-altering procedures can be, both to the unborn child and its mother.

Dr. Jameela George teaches at the seminar hosted by Disha. (Photo courtesy Centre for BioEthics via Facebook)

Dr. Jameela George teaches at the seminar hosted by Disha.
(Photo courtesy Centre for BioEthics via Facebook)

Protecting unborn lives isn’t Dr. George’s only focus, though. Through her work at the Emmanuel Hospital Association, Dr. George speaks up for the voiceless.

People infected with HIV/AIDS are among the most vulnerable. Many believe that “if you have HIV/AIDS, you are worthless,” Delahoyde explains.

“[Imagine if] you’re able to go to a hospital and speak with a doctor who says, ‘No. That is not true,’ who’s able to show you practical ways that you can deal with this, who values you as a person. This is what Dr. Jameela does.”

She also runs the Centre for BioEthics, Delahoyde adds. “Dr. Jameela George is on the front-lines in many ways–not just with her medical training, but what she’s able to bring to the whole question of the value of every human life.”

Protecting unborn lives

Through LIFE International, you can help pro-life leaders in India and beyond save unborn lives. It’s as simple as praying, sowing, and going, Delahoyde says.

“Every prayer, and every gift, helps save a life and heal a heart.”


“We have a Global Prayer Shield, and we have about 2,000…prayer partners praying for life. You can join that prayer shield,” explains Delahoyde. Click here for more information.


(Photo credit: EGA-Health.org)

(Photo credit: EGA-Health.org)

LIFE International can only send resources and provide training to leaders like Dr. George and Vinita Shaw with help from people like you.

“We all know that it takes resources,” Delahoyde says. “At LIFE International, we are using those resources that our friends and partners give in the most effective way: multiplying that gift out [by] going to train those who will, in turn, train others.”

Sow into LIFE International’s global ministry.


If you feel the Lord calling you to “go” and make a difference on-the-ground, check out these overseas opportunities.

“Be trained, and be part of a LIFE International team going around the world to help train and take this message to church leaders,” Delahoyde urges.

“This is really a global life movement, and that’s what LIFE International is all about.”

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