Underfunded flood work in Pakistan helps outreach team

By May 24, 2011

Pakistan (MNN/OMI) – Aid to Pakistan's flooded areas is coming in much
smaller doses than expected. While
Pakistan's floods distressed 18 million people and displaced12 million, only a
third of what was promised to help has come in.

Non-Governmental Organizations like Operation Mobilization are responding to
the needs. Their teams have been
involved in reconstruction, rebuilding school walls and rooms. They have also
completed 300 houses since December, using five OM workers and 80 hired

In one area, approximately 100 families were living in a severely damaged church
school in a semi-permanent military camp. The team helped them back to their own homes, but as a result of their
work, 150 flood victim children have started studying at this Christian school.

Then, the army wanted to seize and occupy the land on which the church and
school were situated. Church leadership wrote to
OM for help, and they sent a team to reconstruct a 1500-foot long wall around
the church and school and fix three of the damaged classrooms. 

During the reconstruction, the group of 70 worked day and night. The masons,
plasterers and skilled workmen have faithfully helped, teaching new skills as
they went along. Every morning before
work started, they began with worship; and at the end of the day they finished
with worship.

After the wall was completed, an Army officer went to school principal and
said: "I am so impressed by the way these people are working. I cannot
believe how they finished a few months' job in few days. If you had not been
able to finish this, our army planned to occupy this in a few days' time. You
people look like magicians; now you have a boundary wall, and the land is
enclosed once more."

During this time a member of the OM team helped the Christian flood victims to
learn Bible stories and songs. On Palm Sunday, they presented songs and a drama
of the parable of the prodigal son. Between the outreach and the physical labor, many
chose a living faith in Christ.

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