An unexpected mission field

By August 10, 2016

South America (MNN) — As you follow the Summer Olympics, you’ve probably seen images of the massive statue of Jesus Christ that stands up above the city. This statue is a perfect example of the way we sometimes see South America; heavy with Christian influence. In fact, some might not even consider it at as a mission field.

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says that’s completely wrong, especially in countries like Colombia.

“There’s been the tumult with the rebellion, there’s been government upheaval over the past years, there are stories of missionaries’ difficulties out of Colombia, kidnappings and other things. It’s a really difficult field for many over the years.”

As much as anywhere else in the world, people need the hope of Christ, and there are challenges to the workers who go. From Chile to Peru to Colombia to Rio, World Missionary Press is trying to get the Word of God out and into the hands of those who desperately need it.

Photo Courtesy World Missionary Press

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Williams says it’s important to remember that there are many aspects to ministry.

“If as a church, if as believers, we only go to just the preaching, if you will, we need to show that it reaches every part of our lives and that the Lord cares about the individual,” she explains.

From providing physical help to telling the most important story ever told, there are many ways to catch people’s attention and tell them about the hope that can be found in Christ.

Williams gives an example: “I like the idea of leading people, asking, ‘Is there something we could pray for you about?’ That tells them that we know there’s a source of help, and we’re willing to engage that source to meet their need.”

But WMP is struggling to meet the overwhelming call for more Bible study material.

“World Missionary Press, our burden is for the resources to be more. I have a list of almost a hundred million booklets on order, people waiting around the world trusting there’s a hundred million, and we just, we wanna do more.”

Do you want to get involved?

Photo Courtesy World Missionary Press

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

“You can be part of what the Lord’s doing in Thailand and Malaysia and Indonesia, Russia and Kenya and Bolivia,” says Williams

Obviously, prayer is a huge part of any ministry, and World Missionary Press is asking for yours. Pray about if you’d want to participate in any way as the booklets are passed out and people are introduced to the story of Jesus for the very first time.

“This is an opportunity where you can reach around the world by just four cents for a little booklet, and if you have on your heart to try to do more and you feel that there’s no way, there IS a way.”


  • I love your articles; they are a real opportunity to pray. Thanks!

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    This is a great way YOU can help fulfill the great commission entrusted to all believers in Jesus.

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