unfoldingWord plans 2024 Bible translation work in war zones

By January 9, 2024

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — Wars and rumors of wars make the world an increasingly dark place, but God’s light is shining in unexpected places.

For example, the current war in Sudan cannot stop unfoldingWord and its partners from moving translation plans forward.

“2024 will be a continuation of what we’ve done in 2023 [with the] ‘Whole Bible, Whole Nations’ project,” unfoldingWord President/CEO David Reeves says.

“It’s a comprehensive, collaborative project to complete all 131 Bible translation needs in the country of Sudan.”

(Graphic courtesy of unfoldingWord)

The Sudanese team completed Open Bible Stories in five languages, with four more languages beginning soon. Next, the teams will move into whole-book translations, starting with Jonah, 3rd John, and Titus.

At the same time, “Our friends in the Bible Society of Jordan are right now working on Arabic resources for the entire MENA region,” Reeves says.

Just like the apostle Paul received the Macedonian Call in Acts 16, “We have a line of people saying, ‘Can you come help us?’” Reeves says.

“We would love to do more of those (translation projects); we have invitations from multiple countries.”

unfoldingWord needs your help to accept these invitations. “We’re always facing the struggle of how much can we grow and do with the funds required,” Reeves says.

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“We certainly enjoy God’s unmerited favor at unfoldingWord. It’s not because we’re more spiritual or smarter than anyone else. It’s because God cares about this far more than we do,” Reeves says.

“He wants this done, and despite all the things that seem like impossible obstacles, it is getting done.”



Header and story images courtesy of unfoldingWord.

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