University draws Muslims and Christians together

By June 1, 2007

Sudan (MNN) — A trail-blazing effort by Compassion Radio and former-president of Sudan, Jaafar Al-Numeiri, may produce a secular university in Khartoum. 

After being asked if he wanted to have a school dedicated to him, Al-Numeiri contacted Compassion Radio. "Because of our friendship with him, he turned to us and said, ‘Would you help me build this university?' And we said, ‘Well, yes, depending on what the university is going to be like,'" said Norm Nelson of Compassion Radio.

The university will be teaching from a perspective of free market economy, human rights, and the equality of women despite the fact that it would be built in a Muslim culture. "The chief of state of Sudan has been chosen as the worst dictator in the world for several years running, but they have cooperated with us," said Nelson. 

So far, a group of American and Sudanese PhDs have met to discuss issues about the
university. They already have land and financing, but they are waiting on God's leaning. "God is really opening up this door ,and we believe that it has the potential to bring tremendous changes to the nation of Sudan," said Nelson.

The university could be functioning in as little as a year. The project's foundation has made its current success possible. "If it's an American project and a thoroughly Christian project, then we probably would have difficulties. But it's the opportunity to work together that gives this project the credibility that it has," said  Nelson. 

"Such things as human rights and the development of free market economics and all of that, while they are not specifically identified as Christian issues, I would say they are really the result of a Christian worldview," said Nelson. So far, the most powerful Muslim organization has been "totally cooperative" during meetings about the university. 

"The transformation of a nation is a pretty exciting thing," said Nelson.

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