Unregister church restrictions, registered church permission

By October 18, 2010

China (MNN) — While the unregistered church in China faces opposition, a United States based ministry feels their call is to assist the registered church. Bibles for China, a ministry of Voice of China and Asia is sending Bibles into China.

President of Bibles for China Jonathan Brooks says, "There's been quite a few biases against the registered church in China, so it automatically has become a neglected mission field. But with the wonderful opportunities that have opened, we've been able to go in and operate openly and legally."

That doesn't mean Bibles for China can go in and pass out Bibles wherever they want. Bible's For China's Kurt Rovenstine says, "When we speak about openness and being open, it's a matter of following protocol — just making sure that we do things in an appropriate manner for the particular province that we're in."

Rovenstine says, "It doesn't mean we're going out on the street corners and handing out Bibles to every person that goes by. But we're doing it without any fear because we've followed the appropriate protocol for that community. Can problems arise when we don't follow protocol? Absolutely!"

While Brooks says not everybody agrees with what they do, "While there's many valid ministries in China, we just know this is what God has called us to. There are biases against doing this and working with the registered church, but you know what? If we can get Bibles to God's people who are praying for Bibles, we're going to get Bibles to them."

Bibles for China has already handed out 27,000 Bibles in China. But their focus isn't the major cities. Brooks says, "Our goal is to touch rural China. Where we go, something they haven't even seen westerners."

$5 dollars purchases a Bible in China and places it into the hands of a person who's been praying for one — sometimes praying for their whole life.

Brooks says giving to Bibles for China goes even further. "We have an anonymous donor who's agreed to match every Bible we raise for China by the end of this year."

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