Unrest not stopping medical missions in Zimbabwe

By March 14, 2007

Zimbabwe (MNN) — A political prayer meeting, turned violent
over the weekend in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's Government says the prayer meeting
defied a ban on political rallies but the crackdown has brought international

While the unrest is drawing the attention of the world, it's
not stopping a group of Christians with Global Aid Network , or GAIN USA.  GAIN's Tim Burns says, "They've got a
couple of clinics going on and doing everything from normal triage,
examinations, referrals they're able to hand out medicine and of course share
the Gospel while they're there."

Burns says the situation in Zimbabwe is desperate.
"Figures says up to 20-percent of the population has HIV or AIDS.
Unemployment is about 80-percent and so people are just hopeless right now. So,
when you can go down there and show the love of Christ in both word an deed you
can really have an impact there."

GAIN USA works through the local churches, which is
important to outreach. "It raises that church, that pastor up, in the
position of the eyes of the community and that helps them have the opportunity
to continue ministry in the area and they've got credibility with the

This team is expected to return to the United States in a
few days. Another team will return in April. According to Burns, while only a
few can go, many can participate. "We always need finances to be able to
continue the work there. We definitely need prayers. That's the best thing that
anybody can be doing.  Most of these
people like you and me. They need prayers as they go out an share the Gospel
and do what God has called them to do in those areas."

You can find other opportunities through GAIN USA. Click on
mission trips on our website to find out more.

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