Unrest threatens freedom throughout Middle East

By May 10, 2007

Middle East (MNN) — The chaos and the threat of civil war
from Israel to Iraq threatens to destabilize the Middle East. Christians, often targeted as scapegoats, have been fleeing the region.

Although in the region for about 2,000 years, they started
leaving the country after attacks on churches began in 2004. That exodus accelerated as more incidents of violence against the church were reported.

Despite the exodus, SAT-7's David Harder says there remains
a remnant church. "It's very difficult to see what's ahead, but there are
Christians who live in all these countries, in the Arab world, in the
Persian-Farsi speaking world, in the Turkish speaking-areas, and in many places,
they are under a lot of pressure. It's fortunate that broadcasting is one way
that we can reach in and encourage those Christians."

Harder says they need prayer for the ministry and the
remnant church, especially next week. "We'll have a conference with some
Christian leaders, some key people that are working on new programs that
will help teach some of the fundamentals of Christianity. There's a great thirst, and people are looking
for answers. So it's important to have programs to help our brothers and
sisters in Christ firm up their own faith and to help those who are searching
find answers."

Since its birth ten years ago, SAT-7 has grown into a
24-hour, seven-day-a-week broadcast on two separate channels. Letters,
e-mails, SMS's and phone-calls from viewers witness about lives changed and
hope restored.

They've also just launched the First Annual Day of Prayer on
May 31. There will also be a special TV-broadcast which can be viewed live on
the web. You can pray that believers would be encouraged, knowing that people
around the world are praying for them. Ask God for their protection from
attacks from extremist Muslims. Click
here if you want more details.


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