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By October 20, 2014
(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs USA)

(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs USA)

Pakistan (MNN) — Asia Bibi, a Christian woman and mother of five children, lost her appeal with the Lahore High Court in Pakistan on Thursday. It means her death sentence on a blasphemy conviction stands.

The Voice of the Martyrs USA says her lawyers now have 30 days to file an appeal with Pakistan’s Supreme Court in Islamabad, the highest court in the land. It starts into motion a long appeal process that is expected to take years of more waiting.

During the hearing, nearly 2,000 mullahs gathered outside the court to put pressure on the judges. When she learned the outcome, Asia Bibi told VOM contacts, “Please do something. It’s been so long, and I want to be with my children.” Many humanitarian advocates warn that even if the court should rule in Bibi’s favor, she may be made an assassination target for Muslim extremists.

Bibi has been convicted of blasphemy for drinking from the same bowl of water as Muslims and making derogatory comments about the prophet Muhammad. According to the original VOM report:

On Friday, June 19, 2009, there was an intense discussion among the women about their faith.

The Muslim women told Asia about Islam. Asia responded by telling them about her faith in Christ. Asia told the Muslim women Christ had died on the cross for sins, then asked them what Mohammad had done for them, according to VOM sources. She told them that Jesus is alive, but Mohammad is dead. “Our Christ is the true prophet of God,” she reportedly told them, “and yours is not true.”

She was beaten and later taken into custody, then charged under the blasphemy law.

Found guilty of blasphemy in November 2010, this wife and mother has been on death row for almost four years. The court process has been agonizingly slow. Thursday’s decision was delayed five times this year.

Pray that Asia will not lose heart but would continue to look to Jesus for daily strength and grace. May her worried family members and other loved ones be granted much patience and peace as they support this dear sister in Christ during her time of trial.

Pray that God will be present in every detail of preparation for the upcoming hearing so it may go smoothly and result in Asia’s freedom from prison.

Finally, please also pray for the many other Christians in Pakistan who are facing blasphemy charges or other false allegations because of their love for Jesus Christ.


  • Your Name says:

    Please Lord, in your will deliver Asia your child and many other falsely accused Christians out of danger and also for your comfort, faith and peace for their families Amen

  • Heavenly Father we give Asia Bibi into your hands. You know what is best for her. She is suffering for the sake of your son’s name. Console her and Take care of her. We ask this in the name of Jesus your son – Amen

  • IAN CHILDS says:

    Almighty God we ask you to intervene in this case and give release to Asia and restore her to her family. She is your child and we pray that through this trial she will never forget the One who died for her and loves her. Keep her strong and faithful to what she knows is truth. Free her in Jesus name we pray, Amen

  • Lynn Smart says:

    I pray that Jesus may walk with you, Asia Bibi, and that you may be safe.

  • realpresence says:

    Dear Lord Jesus….we pray that Asia and all Christian persons persecuted for their religious beliefs be freed. Give them, and their families comfort in this time of trial. Amen.

  • Dear Lord, I pray for Asia, keep her strong physically and in her faith. I pray for her family, that they my know your love for them, keep them in your loving care. Jesus, I pray for release from prison, for freedom for Asia.

  • Kenisha says:

    Lord Heavenly Father, I pray for Asia in Jesus name
    For her to be saved & safe for eternity I pray that too all
    Living in truth to Jehovah our God in the flesh of Jesus Christ
    Thy will be done, Amen

  • Lynn Aird says:

    I pray for the protection of Jesus around Asia, her husband, and her children. I pray for the safe release of Asia and that she would be back with her Family. Jesus please send your Heavenly Angels to protect Her. Amen.

  • Susan says:

    I’m so grateful to God that He has protected her and she has been released from prison and back with her family now!
    Can you please send me an update about her release?
    This is such a blessing and needs to be known by many of us who have been praying for her release.

    Thank you for giving us the news about persecuted Christians and other minorities.
    God Bless you in your work!

  • Joining in prayer for Asia Bibi and her family. Allmighty God, I thank You for hearing all the prayers for Asia and her beloved family. I thank You cause we can boldly pray for Asia’s freedom and Your protection over the whole family. It has been such a long fight. Thank You for raising vast amounts of prayer warriors to stand by Asia and her family. Amen.

  • selena says:

    thanks for all the information you have provided. I am praying and having others pray as well. i am writing her a letter to encourage her through http://www.prisoneralert.com. You can also write a letter if you’d like. God we ask that you keep Asia and her family safe. Give them strength to continue on. Let your will be done oh lord.

  • I continue to pray for Asia and her family.

  • Diedre says:

    Father GOD please bring victory to Asia Bibi in JESUS CHRIST name, change the heart of those who would want her put to death, open their eyes that they may see and know you.

  • Father God pleasein your mercy to be with her in her time of grief and continue to give her strength to endure

  • Stephanie says:

    Dearest Father-God,
    We pray that Asia and her family, along with the countless others who continue to suffer as they love even their enemies in The Name of Jesus. May they trust You, Hevenly Father, to protect their Eternal Hearts. You never ask us to suffer unless it can bring us closer to Your own Heart.
    May the eyes of the Spirits of everyone be opened to know how long and deep and wide and high is Your Love for us in Christ Jesus. May we love as He loves and give as He gives.
    In Jesus’ Holy Name,

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