Update on Asia Bibi received from Pakistan this week.

By July 1, 2013

Pakistan (VOM) – Editor’s note:  Although Mission Network News has been following the story of Asia Bibi and her blasphemy case in Pakistan, this most recent update was more personal in nature.  What follows is the blog post verbatim from the Voice of the Martyrs:

(Image courtesy Voice of the Martyrs) Asia Bibi

(Image courtesy Voice of the Martyrs) Asia Bibi

Earlier this month Asia Bibi’s husband, Ashiq, was able to visit her in jail. At the time of his visit Asia was sick and receiving treatment from the jail doctor. She complained of a lot of pain in her legs, shoulders and arms.

Ashiq told Asia, “Take good care for your health and recover soon. The children are worried for you. They are daily praying for your good health and soon release.”

Asia said she is regularly praying in jail for her release and requested VOM readers to pray with her.

Several days after Ashiq’s visit to the prison, Asia was transferred from Sheikhupura jail to Multan jail. This change means that, in order for her family to visit her, they will have to travel around five hours instead of only one hour. The extra travel also raises security concerns for the family.

Asia’s daughters in particular were discouraged by the news of their mother’s transfer.

Please pray for Asia Bibi. Pray for healing on her body, encouragement to her spirit and for her release from prison. Pray also for Ashiq and their daughters.

You can write letters of encouragement to Asia through Prisoner Alert. The site has been updated with her new prison address. Invite your friends to sign a petition to the Pakistani government on her behalf at www.CallForMercy.com.

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