Updated NIV Bible text released for viewing online

By November 18, 2010

International (IBS/MNN) — The world's most popular modern English Bible
is now not only updated, but also available online.

Biblica and Zondervan released the New
International Version of the Bible (NIV) online version this month.  

release of the text comes after years of rigorous translation work by the
Committee on Bible Translation (CBT). But
since the NIV was last updated in 1984, it begs the question, ‘Why fix it if it
isn't broken?'   

desire as a committee is that God would touch the lives of people through His Words as they are translated in the NIV," answers CBT Chair, Professor Douglas
Moo, adding, "We're eager for people to
begin engaging with the text."

has been a monumental undertaking to update the NIV, as well as a true honor to
follow in the footsteps of the NIV founders who decades ago first defined the
vision for a Bible translation that brings Bible readers as close as possible
to the experience of the original audience."

says, "With this update, we believe the NIV continues to represent the optimum
combination of transparency to the original documents and comprehensibility for
the broad audience we serve."  

1965, the CBT formed to create a modern English Bible translation from the
oldest and best-attested biblical manuscripts. Since the last update 26 years ago, the CBT
has continued to meet every year in accordance with the NIV charter, which
requires constant monitoring of developments in biblical scholarship and
English usage and the reflection of these developments in periodic updates to
the text.

release of the text online follows CBT's recent completion of the translation
update and is in advance of the March 2011 print publication date. 

as the worldwide publisher of the NIV, is the translation sponsor and copyright
holder of the NIV.  It is also a global Bible translation and resource
ministry. Zondervan serves as the North American commercial publisher of
the NIV Bible.

The updated text is available for viewing at both www.BibleGateway.com and www.Biblica.com along with an overview of
the translation methods and approach used by the Committee on Bible Translation

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