Upheaval and a second satellite bring growth to SAT-7

By September 6, 2010

International (MNN) — In recent months, SAT-7, Christian
satellite television to the Middle East and North Africa, has seen tremendous

"[In] the first six months of 2010, compared to the
first six months of 2009, many of our response mechanism have at least
doubled," said David Harder, SAT-7's Communications Manager. Responses are
up for calls, text messages, and Web site hits.

Harder attributes the growth partially to the expansion of
their programming to a second, more popular satellite system last October.

However, he believes that's not the only reason for an
increase in responses. With so much recent upheaval throughout the Middle East
and North Africa, flooding in Pakistan, suicide bombings in Somalia, the
Iranian government's continued tyranny and economic instability wherever you
turn, people are looking for answers and turning to God: "When there is
great pressure, people are pressed, and they are interested in spiritual
things, whereas perhaps before, when their life was relatively easier, they
weren't considering those things. So you see more responses when life is
tough. In a way, it's unfortunate, but it's fortunate because God can use those
times to really reach out and touch people's lives."

Recently, a SAT-7 PARS counselor heard from a viewer who was
overwhelmed by the mounting pressures in his life and who had lost the will to
live. He sent a text message saying, "This world is nothing. I'm going to
kill myself."

Troubled and afraid a text message reply would not be enough
to help this viewer, the counselor said: "I prayed and then sent this
message back to him: 'If you do that, you are only scared and just running from
your problems. Life is a challenge. God is the only one who can help you. I'm a
Christian, and I have lots of problems, but God helps me to have victory. If you
kill yourself, it's not a brave thing. What will you solve?"

After a delay in responding, the viewer finally wrote back: "You
have changed my mind."

Not all of SAT-7's viewer contact is this
frightening. In fact, as their responses have doubled, they have also seen an
increased number of people calling in to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ
or to request a Bible or other Christian resources.

With an increase of responses and ministry expansion comes
an increased need for wisdom among SAT-7's counselors, show creators, and the
rest of the staff.

Pray that SAT-7 will continue to grow and the God will grant each
member of their team wisdom and strength in every situation they face.

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