Urbana 12 one year away

By December 27, 2011

USA (MNN) — It's just one year away. The largest student mission conference in the world, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Urbana 2012, will be kicking off one year from today.

Director of Urbana 12 Tom Lin is encouraging students to get it on their calendars today. "We believe that seeking God's direction for their future and what God wants them to do in the world starts at Urbana. So their journey starts at Urbana 12, their stepping out starts at Urbana 12. We hope for 18,000. We're hoping for and praying for Urbana 12."

Urbana 12 will be December 27 through the 31st in St. Louis, Missouri. "Our big vision for Urbana 12 is to compel this generation to give their whole lives for God's global mission," says Lin. "And as someone who loves seeing students' lives transformed, I yearn to see this in this generation."

According to Lin, "[Students] are waiting for a big call. A lot of them are waiting to give their lives to something meaningful. We want to compel this generation to give their whole lives to God's global mission."

While justice issues have been at the forefront of recent Urbana conventions, Lin says, "We also believe the traditional form of missions is equally important. So we want to mobilize a variety of missions."

Lin says, "Registration begins March 1. What we're hoping for right now is that people would go to our Facebook page. Type in Urbana Missions and 'like' us there. You can also follow us on Twitter at Urbana Missions," which will give you all the latest news about Urbana 12.

Urbana's theme and speaker line-up will be announced as we get closer to it.


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