Urbana 15 builds on the Gospel of Matthew

By May 6, 2014
Urbana 15
Urbana 15

Urbana 15 establishes Matthew 7 as the foundation for the next conference.

USA (MNN) — Foundation predicts the outcome, as Jesus pointed out in Matthew 7: a house built on rock stands firm, while a house built on sand falls quickly. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is building their Urbana 15 missions conference on the book of Matthew.

“Every three years, the Urbana Missions team seeks to saturate the entire Urbana conference in Scripture,” said Tom Lin, InterVarsity Vice President, Director of Missions and Urbana.

“We believe this generation is moved and inspired by narrative, and there is obviously none more central than that of Jesus’ crucifixion and the cross, both of which we will study from the Gospel of Matthew at Urbana 15.”

The theme for Urbana 15, which is still unchosen, will come from Matthew’s Gospel.

“Selecting the Scripture on which the conference is built is one of most important decisions in the entire process of creating Urbana,” said Lindsay Olesberg, Urbana Scripture Manager and InterVarsity’s Scripture Engagement Director.

Urbana 15 attendees will experience Matthew’s Gospel through InterVarsity’s unique style of inductive manuscript Bible study, small group discussions, and theater team presentations. Urbana plenary speakers will also be focusing on Matthew through their Bible exposition.

“The Great Commission is from Matthew, but it is usually quoted in isolation from its context,” said Úna Lucey-Lee, Urbana Program Director.

“By looking at the place of the nations in Jesus’ story from His birth through His resurrection, Urbana 15 participants will understand Jesus’ command to ‘make disciples of all nations’ with new depth and insight.”

This will be InterVarsity’s 24th triennial student missions conference, since the first was held in Toronto in 1946. Tens of thousands of men and women have been led by God into full-time service for His Kingdom following commitments made at Urbana.

Click here to join over 15,000 from December 27-31, 2015 at Urbana 15 in St. Louis, Missouri.


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