Ureached people groups get a Treasure

By July 12, 2013

Kenya (MNN) — According to the Joshua Project, there are more than 7,000 unreached people groups around the world today. These are people who have yet to hear the Gospel, or who have heard but have yet to follow Christ.

Members of the Rendille tribe listen to a Treasure.

Members of the Rendille tribe listen to a Treasure.

World Mission wants that changed and they’re making a difference by placing God’s Word in audio form through a device called The Treasure.

Executive Director of the ministry Greg Kelly just returned from Kenya. Why Kenya? Kelly says while there are Christians in the south and west, “In the northern part and along the coast, less than 5% of the people are Christians and most of them have never heard the Gospel one time.” Among those unreached include the Borana, Daasanach, Gabbra, Pokot, Rendille, Samburu, Somali and Turkana peoples.

What’s World Mission’s focus? “Our target was these 12 people groups in the northern part, most of them are unreached and have never heard the Gospel and their oral learners, so they require an audio device, like the treasure.”

What is a treasure? “The Treasure is a solar powered Bible. It’s 2 1/2 ounces, so it’s

The Treasure is solar powered and is great for use in Africa.

The Treasure is solar powered and is great for use in Africa.

smaller than most people’s cell phones and we have the entire New Testament in most instances,” says Kelly.

Kelly says this area of the Africa will be a major focus of World Mission. “Our goal for the rest of 2013 is to distribute 1,000 Treasures into Northern Kenya, among these largely unreached people groups, and that will impact more over 140,000 people, most of them who have never heard the Gospel for the first time.”

National church planters are facilitating the distribution of the Treasures. The program isn’t designed for individual listening, says Kelly. “All of our people are trained to set up an new group of 12 people every month. So, the same Treasure facilitates multiple groups.”

World Mission recently put a Treasure into the hands of a priest of Iana. Iana is a mixture of Satanism, radical Islam and traditional religions. He saw how his people were responding to the Treasure. “He leaned over and he said, ‘I think my people are valuing this and enjoying it. I think it’s important that I have one.’ So, we were able to put a Treasure into the hands of the head of Iana and he’s listening to the Word of God right now.”

If you’d like to help 144 people hear the Gospel through one Treasure, click here. $50 provides enough money to not only place the Treasure, but train the national leader and coordinate listening groups.

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  • God says:

    Hopefully they will just take them as the fiction that they are and not waste too much time trying to comprehend what the feeble minded are trying to accomplish by spreading misinformation. We have lost countless people with huge potential to the nonsense that is the christian religion, completely wasting their lives, and that makes me sad.

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