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Published on 14 June, 2010

Urgent Call to Prayer for Afghanistan

Afghanistan (MNN) — Open Doors says
various news agencies report that a member of the Afghan government has called for
the public execution of Christian converts from Islam.

This is in response to a video
broadcast on the Afghan television network which showed footage of Christian
men being baptized and praying. Hundreds of students in northern Afghanistan
burned an effigy of the pope while protesting against the alleged proselytizing
by two Christian aid groups.

In addition, the government
suspended operations of U.S.-based World Church Service and Norwegian Church Aid.

constitution states "no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of
Islam." In light of that, the deputy secretary of the
Afghani parliament was quoted as saying, "Those Afghans that appeared in
[the footage] should be executed in public."

The video clip, along with inflammatory statements against
the Christian faith, has repeatedly been broadcast on several television

Proselytizing is illegal, and
apostasy is punishable by death. Most Christians
are secret believers, unable even to own a Bible. Because of this threat, many
Afghan believers have gone into hiding while others have fled.  

Afghan Christians want the world to know about their
situation, that in a country where they have few rights and no voice, they
want their voice to be heard. Open Doors urges you to pray with them, for justice and protection for the
Afghani Christians. Click here for

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