Urgent prayer request for Pastor Rodne

By December 21, 2015
Courtesy Photo AMG International

Left to Right: Niclerge, Pastor Rodne. (Courtesy Photo AMG International)

Haiti (MNN) — Pastor Rodne and his wife, Niclerge, recently found out Rodne is sick with stage four non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma. 

The couple served in Haiti for more than 25 years. Fifteen of those years have been spent serving with AMG International. During this time, Rodne and his wife planted numerous churches, established multiple schools, and oversaw two medical clinics be built.

Now, their circumstances of their lives are shifting. Rodne is no longer able to walk and uses a wheelchair to get around. The cancer has widespread lesions in both the kidneys, his spleen, and wrapped around his spinal cord.

Thanks to a caring doctor, Rodne is now receiving treatment in the United States. In November, he began radiation. Now he is working through a 6-cycle course of chemotherapy every three weeks.

However, he doesn’t have health insurance and is paying the costs out of pocket. The chemotherapy bill alone, even after a 40% discount from the hospital, is over $70,000.
Rodne is still waiting to be billed for his radiation treatment.

Thankfully, a generous family who visited Haiti has provided Rodne with a place to stay during his treatment.

AMG is raising funds to help Rodney with the costs. Financial help and prayers are needed.

Please pray for:

  • God’s financial provision
  • Rodne’s complete and total healing
  • God’s strength and peace for Rodney and Niclerge through this difficult time.

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  • Sangeetha says:

    Please pray for me…please im in need of prayers.
    my husband name is Natarajan, he listen to his parents and tortured me.
    I love my husband a lot how like Jesus love the Church, i want my husband to love me more and give me love.
    he parents never let me and my husband to be together, even i make a call to my husband, his mother won’t give the phone to talk, even in bedroom together, she don’t like it, my husband father, always come and fight with me for no reason….and talk bad about me to my husband, we are newly married couples…i dont understand why they doing like this….please…please pray for me, i want go separate with my husband to live in another house, but their family not allowed that, and my husband also dowan come, he want me to do maid job at his house, as his mother said, jesus said in bible, if husband and wife join together, their no more 2, they become 1 body and 1 soul, but for my husband his parents important, and follow them, and beat me listening to them.
    Please make him understand and realize about this, and i want a happy married life, i plan to conceive, because of his chracter and attitude and his family tortured, i scared later this will effected my child…pls dear sis and brothers, pray for me.

    My name is Sangeetha and my husband name is Natarajan.

    Praise Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Jyoti says:

    Dear Family,
    I am doing a 6months counselling course here in Mumbai with a group of people from my country Nepal. I have known & met them after I got enrolled for this study. They are strangers for me though they are from my country. Now i will have to go to my Country Nepal for 3months to do a research work in severely earthquake affected area in a small groups with them. I am having problem with my accomodation & also I am the only girl in the group so I am bit insecured as well. The remote place where we are selected to work doesnot have a single house standing because of earthquake & aftershocks. People are still living in tents & temporary houses, I am not getting accomodated at all. I have also talked with the other groups to take me in but they are not giving me a clear reply of either Yes or No. The University here & the ageny which have send us is not much bothered about my issue they are pressurizing me to find a way out they have also said me angrily then you work alone. This research work requires a collective effort & is unable to work alone. Please do send me Archangel Michael & all his all legion of Angels Archangels with all the healing, supporting caring Angels, to help me to be in a safe, protected place in a good uplifting team members either with my current team or with another team in such a place where I will have lots of exposures with real lives giving meanings, lifetime learings & an excellent research to write which will support me to get good job after I finish this course & also help me to get full scholarship with stipend & accomodation for either Masters of Philosophy & PhD or direct PhD in any renouned Universities of the world like USA, Australia, UK etc. May this entire course of 6months along with the research help me to uplift my knowldege & skills, move forward economically by getting good job as well as academically by getting full scholarship with stipend in a well recognized University. Please call on all the powerful Archangels along with the legion of Angels, do add your powerful healings & lots of blessings with my aspirations, basic needs of my life, for these all intention to happen in a Divine Will & way with lots of protections on me anywhere I move in the world & whosoever I meet. May I give meaning to my life & serve the humanity. Amen!!!

  • Your Name says:

    Urgent. We truly need a miracle. Please pray that God heals elderly Dana from blood cancer. She is in constant pain now and barely alive, because of kidney failure

  • Nat says:

    Please pray for my husband. He wants us to separate. Our kids are very young. We love him so much. God please help my family. Pls pray for us. Thanks.

  • Enid says:

    Lord please intercede in Alfredo’s heart that is getting full of envy and competition.Allow him and guide him to realize that the accomplishments of others are their own and that time will grant him great results. Lord help Alfredo understand that together we can accomplish far greater things and that we must work together. Lord I trust in You and pray that You hear my request. Only thru Your intervention can we surpass these trivial moments in our relationship. Don’t abandon me Lord.

  • Stacey says:

    Please God heal Matthew. I am begging you God please heal him. He is very ill. They found something and he needs a biopsy on his lung November 3, Please God give him and show him a miracle. Please God heal and save Matthew.

  • RG GIRAL says:




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