US advises citizens to leave Haiti

By November 15, 2021

Haiti (MNN) — The U.S. State Department is urging American citizens to leave Haiti. Gangs have seized power in much of the country, and fuel shortages are choking hospitals, schools, and banks. Gangs control many urban areas, and acts of violence, such as kidnapping, rape, and murder, have increased.

World Concern has set aside this week to pray for Haiti. President of World Concern Nick Archer says the situation gets worse every day. Many Haitians see this as one of the worst times in living memory. “We’re seeing it through the eyes of our own staff. All our local staff is Haitian, we have no expatriates in the country. So we see it through their eyes a lot of the time. We see their impediments to things even as basic as being able to come to the office on a daily basis because of gang activity, roadblocks, demonstrations, access to fuel.”

Things didn’t get this bad all at once. Haiti suffered the assassination of its president in July, followed by a severe earthquake in August. World Concern is still providing relief for this disaster. You can help here.

Week of Prayer

Throughout the week, World Concern will pray for different aspects of Haiti’s crisis. On Monday they will pray for World Concern staff, along with other NGO staff, in the country. Tuesday, they will pray for economic development. Wednesday, they will pray for the Haitian Church. On Thursday, they will pray for the Haitian government.  And on Friday they will pray for Haiti’s people.

Archer says, “What we’re really trusting God to see is that there will be some gradual, incremental improvements in the lives of the people of Haiti. Hopefully a political solution.”

But pray also that the Haitian Church will be a light for the country. Archer says, “In the face of political and humanitarian challenges, where does the church come out? Where does the church stand strong? God is still active, God is still moving. And He’s looking for His people to engage with Him.”



Header photo courtesy of World Concern on Facebook.