US churches helping plant churches in India

By July 20, 2021
church planter training

India (MNN) — Churches in the United States are helping plant churches in India! And it’s all because of Mission India’s Church Planter Training.

Indian believers in the Church Planter Training program are learning how to establish strong and growing faith communities. Mission India’s US-based church partners help make this happen with funds. And lots of prayer.

church planter training

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Erik* at Mission India says, “With Mission India’s model of really helping enable Christians in India live out what God has called them to do, we are helping raise funds and support…to go then train Christians in India to plant churches. For over 40 years, that’s what we’ve been doing!”

Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church in Tennessee is one congregation that has partnered with Mission India to support Church Planter Training for over 10 years.

“They chose to get involved with India specifically because it’s really, in part, a numbers issue in India,” Erik says. “India is home to almost 1.4 billion people and so many of them have never actually had the chance to hear the Gospel.

“That broke Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church’s heart. They wanted to find a way and partner with someone that is working towards being able to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus [in India.] So they chose to partner with us!”

Mission India’s model is unique precisely because they aren’t a missionary-sending agency. They work with local Indian Christian leaders to give them tools and support to plant and grow the Church.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

“As the pandemic took hold, it didn’t severely impact us because we had people on the ground that could still live out what God called them to do,” Erik explains.

“Though it looks different than 2019 Church Planter Training, it still is going on. We’re still doing virtual trainings where possible; and then where we can, we also do in-person trainings.”

You or your church can partner with Mission India here! It just costs $2,400 to sponsor one Indian believer going through Church Planter Training.

Although it could seem like a large amount, Erik says, “When you think about how much it costs to plant a church here in the US, it’s quite efficient. A gift of $2,400 will enable you to sponsor a Church Planter Training for an entire year. And after that year, they go plant that church.”

Please also pray for Mission India and the Church Planters they are working with. Pray for wisdom and encouragement throughout the Church Planter Training process. Ask the Lord to grow a deeply-rooted witness for the Gospel in India.





Header photo courtesy of Mission India.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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