US military gear left in Afghanistan resurfaces with Pakistani Taliban

By March 21, 2023

Pakistan (MNN) — It was bad enough when the US hastily withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving $7 billion-worth of military equipment to the Taliban. Now, the American weapons and tactical gear from Afghanistan are resurfacing in Pakistan.

Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is the Pakistani Taliban. The TTP looks up to the Afghan Taliban like a big brother, even calling them a role model.

The TTP was emboldened after the Afghan Taliban regained power in August 2021. And, like a big brother helping out his little brother, terrorists in Afghanistan are now sharing their new military toys across the Pakistan border.

Nehemiah with FMI says, “This TTP, they are the Pakistani Taliban. They are ruthless, they are hardcore, they are well-trained people who are working in Pakistan, and they want to establish Sharia law in Pakistan. This is one of their major desires.

Ismail teaching at the madrasa. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

“The Pakistani army was able…to push them back towards Afghanistan borders. But what happened last year after America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is this terrorist group took over again. They have the majority in Pakistan now.”

Nehemiah goes on to say, “Afghanistan shares two borders with Pakistan — one is from KPK and another is from Baluchistan. I would not say there is no such border [control], but it’s a huge border and you cannot control people. You can’t control these guys. They just come in Pakistan, attack, and they go back.”

The results have been disastrous as TTP fighters attack Pakistan’s police, citizens, and minority Christians.

Nehemiah explains, “Last year, 2022, ended with December as the deadliest month for Pakistan. While the country suffered as many as 376 terrorist attacks in 2022 that resulted in an increased number of casualties in Pakistan, this number of terrorist attacks have reached more than 500 as of now.

“That is just because these TTP, the Pakistani Taliban, they have access [and] they have possession of American weapons, sophisticated weapons which they left in Afghanistan.”

The Gospel can change the hardest hearts. Pray for Pakistani Taliban fighters to have encounters with Jesus. Ask the Lord to strengthen believers and Christian leaders supported by FMI as they proclaim the Gospel in Pakistan!








Header photo of Pakistan flag, courtesy of Abuzar Xheikh via Unsplash.

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