USA population lacks Biblical world view.

By December 8, 2003

USA (MNN) — “I find it alarming.” That’s the word from Ed Henderson with American Missionary Fellowship . He’s responding to the most recent research from Barna Research which states four-percent of the population has a Biblical worldview.

With that said, many believe the United States — a country founded on God — has become a country in desperate need of missionaries to spread the Gospel.

Henderson realizes this need and is focused on reaching the lost through eight new learning communities. “Learning Communities” will be focused on evangelism — discipleship, which is a core to the Learning Communities, which bring people into the right relationship with God. What I think we see in the research with Barna is that we have not brought people into a right relationship with God.”

The Learning Communities will focus mostly on the inner city. They need missionaries and finances to firmly establish these centers. He says, “We want to reach the unreached with the Gospel, but at the same time we want to raise up believers who are willing to walk according to the world of God.

There’s a reason for that. Henderson says the church as a whole isn’t doing a good job in discipleship The research indicates this ‘lack of a Biblical world view” is also affecting the church. He says unless churches change, hearts will fall further away. “We have probably 120 million people going to church every Sunday and they have a view no different from the 160 million that don’t go to church. Even in the sermons that we hear are focused on putting the Word on the bottom shelf. So, people are being taken away from the very thing that will change their lives.”

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