Used books changing lives abroad

By March 28, 2012

USA (MNN) — One of the largest needs for Christians around the world is books, Bibles, and other resources to help guide them in their Christian walk. One organization that is helping meet those needs is Christian Resources International.

CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford says the ministry has had an impact. "Over the last 57 years, we have sent $249 million worth of free Bibles and Christian teaching tools to over 169 nations around the world–for free–to orphans, pastors, leaders, and those who might not be able to afford the Word of God."

Woolford says the need is great. "122,000 people are coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ on a daily basis. An alarming statistic is that those 122,000 people are attending churches where a pastor doesn't even own a Bible."

The books sent overseas are gently used Bibles and other Christian books that you may have sitting on your books shelves right now. Woolford's asks that you consider baring your bookshelf for Christ. "The average home in America has about six Bibles on its shelves. We're asking that you send those to us."

CRI will ship the Bibles, books, and other resources overseas to Christians who are in desperate need of these tools that will help them in their walk with the Lord, and help them lead entire churches or communities.

Woolford says while books are important, so is the need for funding. If you can't send books, CRI needs you in another way. "People can sponsor a pastor's library, sponsor a container, or come alongside us and become a book missionary and a partner with the ministry financially."

CRI would like to have 5,000 people helping them with $10 a month. Woolford says they have a big need right now: they recently sent four containers overseas. "One of those has been sponsored, but three of them we sent by faith. So we're expecting and believing God to touch the hearts of people and bring in $65,000" needed to pay the expenses incurred.

As you support this work, you're going to war. Woolford says Islam is using a similar strategy. "We're seeing YouTube videos from Muslims who are mimicking our ministry and asking people to send Islamic books as a call to action to try to overcome what God's doing."

If you'd like to support the work of CRI through books or bucks, click here.


  • Do you provide any kind of charitable book shipments to any 3rd world countries? We have a large library of Biblical Studies, mostly Old Testament, books that we are looking to donate to Biblical schools preparing students for ministry. My husband was an Old Testament professor and now retiring with a huge Christian scholarly library we would like to donate. Would you have any suggestions as to how we could do this and if you might information about any other organization that might be able to help.

  • I would like to thank God for wonderful work your ministry is doing.I have receive once your books.The books has been a powerful supplement in my bible study group and library.I thank GOD that the number of people in need of the word through our home bible fellowship keeps on increasing.
    I would like to apply for used bibles ,bible commentary .and other postal address:
    p.o box 220865

  • Abel Bodunde says:

    Please, assist my christian growth by sending christian books & possibly a Bible.May God reward you for your generousity

  • Beloved, I will appreciate God more in you if you can send me books, bibles and materials that can help me and the Fold of Christ. Stay Blessed.

  • I need some christian books so as to help me grow spiritually and academically. I am currently a student of religious studies University-of-Ibadan Nigeria. Hebrew and greek bible should be included. Youtube can send it through C/O Archbishop Vining College of Theology Akure, Ondo State Nigeria PMB 727.

  • I need christian books resourses to study, to enable pastor well as a pastor.

  • PLease help us with a christian library for our organization for the youths and the children in our communities as well as the local churches around our Province.

    Thank you in advance.

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