Vacation week for kids with special needs

By June 17, 2013

Russia (MNN) — Kids in Russia with special needs are getting their own fun summer vacation week.

An American mission team is partnering with Connect Ufa to minister to special-needs kids in south-western Russia, according to the International Mission Board (IMB).

The team is hosting summer vacation time for these kids and their families in Ufa. It started yesterday, June 16, and will go through the end of the week.

Ufa is a pivotal point for ministry since it’s one of the largest cities in Russia with 1 million people.

A ministry to Russian kids with special needs is especially critical. There are about 1.6 million special-needs children in Russia.

According to The Library of Congress, kids with special needs in Russia are often marginalized. “Until 1979, disabled children were not legally recognized [for health care benefits] in the Soviet Union because disability was defined as an inability to perform professional functions due to a sickness or trauma. People who had no labor experience could not qualify for disability benefits.”

This summer vacation ministry is also strategic way for the team to share the Gospel. Around 20% of Russians follow some form of Christianity with the largest portion following Eastern Orthodoxy. Russia is classified as an atheistic state. The Lord’s message of unconditional hope and love is vastly different in a society that shuns these kids.

Connect Ufa is a church-planting group seeking to bring Christ’s name to the people in Ufa, Russia, and work with the Church around the world. Pray for their ministry.

Please pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of the kids and their families. Pray also for the team and for safety as they travel back.

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