Vacationers take one day to help kids in need

By April 9, 2012

Dominican Republic (MNN) — It's Spring Break for a lot of schools this week. Thousands of people are headed off on vacations to warmer climates and fun destinations. But a lot of those tropical paradises are filled with deep need.

Worldwide Christian Schools has been working with schools in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Belize, and other vacation hot spots for years. The ministry is able to support Christ-centered education as they help to build schools, equip them, train teachers, and support kids.

One project in Dominican Republic, in particular, is called Water 4 Wisdom. The idea is to bring safe drinking water to Christian schools there.

"Having clean water there will improve the overall health of the students and their ability to be at school. It will give them actually more days at school," explains Steve Geurink with WWC.

Recently, three couples from West Michigan were able to tie in their tropical vacation with Water for Wisdom.

"They took time–one day out of their vacation–to go to a school and install a water system," Geurink says of the couples.

Geurink says this actually is not an uncommon happenstance. Many couples, small groups, and families have volunteered at WWCS schools for just a couple of days in the midst of a vacation.

"Some have built furniture, others have worked within the school, some have assisted some teachers," says Geurink.

It's a wonderful way to serve Christian schools without raising support for a mission trip. WWCS will work with anyone already planning on visiting a destination where WWCS has schools in need. The options to help with practical as well as spiritual needs are many.

To learn more about where WWCS works or how you can get involved with Water 4 Wisdom or Worldwide Hands program, visit Start planning next year's Spring Break trip today.

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