Valuable resource to help you pray for Africa

By February 26, 2013

International (MNN) — People often struggle with prayer. We wonder what to pray about, specifically. Every Child Ministries (ECM) is sending out an extensive prayer guide that can assist you along the way.

"We have prepared a prayer guide called 'Prayer for the Dark Places 2013.' We offer it free through e-mail to anyone who requests it," says ECM's Lorella Rouster.

ECM dedicates the months of January and February to prayer. "During January, we have a time of prayer together every day as a staff with our volunteers. And we are encouraging our partners to do the same. During February, we are continuing to pray for requests that our partners send in, and we're asking them to join us to pray for the needs of African children," Rouster said.

This year's prayer guide is divided into four sections. The first section is asking people to pray for the Karamojong people of Uganda who are being displaced from their homeland because of weather conditions and economic conditions.

Next, ECM is asking for prayer for the increasing amount of child sacrifice in many countries of East Africa. Rouster said, "The governments fight it, but it just continues to grow."

The third part of the prayer guide is asking for prayer for girls and women who are forced into slavery in the idol shrines, particularly in West Africa.

The last part of the prayer guide will contain information and specific requests for the Teke tribe of Congo. They are beginning to receive the Gospel, but very slowly and hesitantly.

"In this guide we give a bit of information about the different projects and the problems and suggestions for specific prayer for each of the 4 topics."

To request your copy of "Prayer for the Dark Places 2013," click here.

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