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By August 22, 2016

China (MNN) — Have you ever witnessed someone’s first exposure to the Gospel of Christ? The first time someone realizes they are valued, that there’s a God who loves them despite anything they could do, and that He has a purpose for their life can be overwhelming, and it often lifts a huge burden from their shoulders.

According to Erik Burklin of China Partner, many young Chinese students find the idea that they matter completely foreign to their way of thinking.

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(Photo courtesy of China Partner)

“So this concept that God created me with value was a new finding for the students, and so some of these principles of what we’re learning is their response is what we want to use in our curriculum for small group ministries,” he explains.

“These Chinese students were overwhelmed with the love that God has for them, and so I think all together as the Chinese church is learning how to reach the next generation for Christ, it could be a tremendous impetus for church growth in China.”

The new material for their curriculum will focus on the younger church members, and help pastors better prepare them for ministry. It will also focus on the unconditional love of Christ and encourage people that no matter how hard life seems, there is a God who loves them through it all.

“I heard a statistic that 50 percent of the Chinese population today is under 25. It’s a huge number of emerging leaders all over that country, and so of course the Chinese church wants to breathe into that and minister to that,” says Burklin.

Photo Courtesy China Partner

(Photo courtesy of China Partner)

The project is estimated to be finished by the end of the year, just in time to get it into the hands of church members for the coming year.

And the sooner, the better, says Burklin. Thanks to recent laws passed in the country, organizations are having to get much more creative about how they can support the Church in China.

Yet despite new challenges, Burklin says China Partner refuses to give up, not when they have hope in an even higher power.

“God is over all that. He’s understanding this, He’s not surprised, He has promised us that He will build His Church, and that includes the Church in China. So the more we from outside can partner with and encourage the indigenous Chinese Church, especially their future leaders, I think that’s a great model for us as outside Christians to invest in ministry in China.”

If you want to find out more about how you can help, we can connect you right here. No matter what you decide, Burklin says to remember the power of prayer.

“Pray for the Chinese Church and specifically for the young people being raised up in China today. Most of them don’t feel value, don’t have a purpose for life, and don’t feel loved.”

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  • Master says:

    Lord I pray that bless China so that the Gospel must be spread all over and let all children be raised in your glory, power, blessings and faith. Amen

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