Vaping risks, smoking cessation, and the Gospel

By November 8, 2023

USA (MNN) — People who vape regularly could be at greater risk of lung disease.

3D rendering of a neutrophil
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E-cigarettes were once praised as the most effective way to stop smoking, but a recent UK study shows how vaping causes damage at a cellular level.

White blood cells contain neutrophils, which help the body heal damaged tissue. According to this study, e-cigarette vapor freezes the neutrophils in place, which stops the cell from defending and repairing as it should.

“There’s a lot of faulty thoughts out there, [like] replacing one habit with another is good. Maybe [that works] if it’s a good habit, but vaping is not,” Brandon Bower with The Lighthouse says.

“We’re seeing massive lung infections; [and] a lot of physical problems from people who are vaping.”

The Lighthouse helps people stop smoking using the Bible. More about that here.

“When we talk about smoking cessation, whether it’s vaping, cigarettes, or marijuana, we want to start from a biblical perspective,” Bower says.

“If we’re focused on our love for Christ, we don’t need these other things to satisfy the desires of our hearts.”

Safe methods of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) still have a place in the program.

“We partner with the 1-800-Quit-Now program that sends out patches and nicotine gum because those things assist us in stopping sinful habits as we’re working on our heart issues,” Bower says.

Connect with The Lighthouse here to find biblical tobacco cessation help for you or a loved one.

“We have a 30-day program, and everyone starts there. If someone wants to continue, we also have a six-month residential program,” Bower says.

“We do community events weekly here in Fort Wayne because we feel that help and healing happen in community.”




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