VBB looks to expand its work in a crisis-riddled nation

By November 7, 2013

Syria (MNN) — Imagine your country going through crisis year after year. Syrians are living it – a two-year civil war has caused approximately 9.3 million people to abandon their homes, livelihoods, and more.

(Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

(Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

With all the hardships that come along with civil war, one would think it would be easiest to just give up hope. Patrick Klein with Vision Beyond Borders reassures that there is a light shining in Syria’s darkness and there is a reason to hope.

“Even Muslims are asking for prayer,” he says. “They’re open to the Gospel. We see a great opportunity in front of the Church to reach out to a lot of these Muslims that are in the refugee camps.”

Last year, VBB sent shoes to the refugee camps in Jordan, meeting a desperate need at just the right time. Now, they’re looking to send another 40-foot container filled with things like clothes, blankets and medical supplies.

A Syrian Muslim recently told Klein, “We thank Christians because they love us genuinely and don’t differentiate between Muslims or Christians. This shows that their Christ in Christianity is real’.”

Klein and a fellow VBB worker will be visiting Syria soon to see how the ministry can help meet needs on a long-term basis.

“We’re excited that God is opening this door. It’s a tragedy, but at the same time, we see people open to the Gospel that before were resistant,” says Klein.

Click here to collect supplies and help VBB fill their container.

He adds that ministry opportunities in Syria and the surrounding countries are overwhelming. In some cases, Christians are leaving their jobs to go work at the refugee camps. In other instances, Klein says Muslims are searching for answers. They’re questioning why Muslims are killing other Muslims.

Distribution of material items to Syrian refugees. (Image courtesy VBB)

Distribution of material items to Syrian refugees. (Image courtesy VBB)

“We feel like we have a window of opportunity to reach these people with the Gospel,” he says.

“God is opening the Islamic world…I think the enemy knows and he’s fighting back. And what we have a tendency to do is shrink back in fear.

“[But] we don’t need to be afraid, because greater is He that’s in us than the devil that’s in the world.”

Pray for Gospel opportunities in Syria. Pray more Muslims will come to know and believe in Jesus Christ.

“I believe the time is ripe and people are hungry all over the world, for the truth of Jesus Christ,” Klein says.

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