VBB monitors Burma

By February 13, 2012

Burma (MNN) — While there has been good news about changes in Burma, Vision Beyond Borders is still cautious.

According to a VBB report, "It seems some real changes are taking place. There continues to be some fighting in the outlying tribal areas. Some areas have seen heavy shelling by the military. However, even in these areas, there has been some progress and some encouraging developments."

In the midst of their report telling of bombing and killings, the Free Burma Rangers also told about an encounter between the Karen Soldiers and the Burmese Army that would have been unheard of a few short months ago. The following excerpt is taken directly from their report:

"28 January, Burma Army troops and KNLA troops shake hands at a road crossing. Ler Mu Plaw, Luthaw, Muthraw district, Northern Karen State. At 1145 hrs on 28 January, Burma Army troops on the Saw Mu Plaw-Baw Ga li Gyi road between Saw Mu Plaw and Ler Mu Plaw, met Karen KNLA troops on the road. The Burma Army called out, 'Don't shoot, we will not shoot you.' The Karen soldiers responded, 'We will not shoot you.' The Karen troops moved out onto the road and talked briefly with the Burma Army troops. The Burma army troops said, 'You can go back to your farms and villages now.' The Karen troops responded, 'We cannot go back to our homes until you leave your camps and this area.' The troops smiled and laughed together, shook hands, and the Burma army troops continued down the road."

VBB still has some needs as they continue ministry there. They have been given a special opportunity to buy Bibles for a tribal group in a remote area of a closed country. The Bibles are available for $4 each. The ministry has a request for 2,000 Bibles. If funding allows, they can be delivered in March.

They also need people to go. Trips are planned for March and April. Please pray and see if God would have you be part of a team.


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