VBB needs ‘Go-ers’ around the world

By September 4, 2013

International (MNN) — Has God been putting missions on your heart lately?

A 2012 short-term team connects with believers in Romania. (Image courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

A 2012 short-term team connects with believers in Romania. (Image courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

Dyann Romeijn says Vision Beyond Borders has opportunities to serve worldwide.

“We take teams all over Southeast Asia; we also need teams to go into Romania and also into Cuba,” she states.

Believers in closed countries have a great need for God’s Word. Romeijn says that in China, a smuggled Pastor’s Study Bible impacts an average of 15 people.

“The more people that go, the more opportunities we have to get Bibles into these closed countries,” Romeijn adds.

While smuggling Bibles into a closed country sounds dangerous, things aren’t always as they seem. Romeijn says Westerners have a much easier time bringing God’s Word into countries like China than native Christ-followers.

“They’ll confiscate the Bibles, but as far as actual imprisonments and stuff, that really isn’t a concern for Americans carrying the Bibles into these countries,” says Romeijn.

However, “If their own people were caught with the Bibles, they would be likely imprisoned and could even be put to death.”

You don’t have to be experienced in missions to “Go.” All you need is a willing spirit and helping hands.

“There’s a tremendous need for Bibles, tremendous need for supplies in the refugee camps,” Romeijn says. “We need people that are willing to go and carry the supplies, and give these gifts in the name of Jesus.”

Vision Beyond Borders also has a great need for medical missionaries, including doctors, nurses, and dentists for medical work along Burma’s border.

“In many of the refugee camps, the people don’t get any type of medical care: no check-ups, nothing, even for simple things,” says Romeijn.

Medical workers are needed for a special trip in December, and funding for medical supplies is needed, too.

Is God calling you to go? Get connected here, or give VBB a call.

You “can actually contact the office at 406-587-2321 and visit with Andy–the travel coordinator for Vision Beyond Borders,” says Romeijn.

Pray for people who think they’re not talented enough to serve.

“We’re all weak, fragile, imperfect vessels,” Romeijn states. “If…He’s calling you to do some of these things, He will equip you.”

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